Teen Zone

TEEN ZONE of St. Lucie County
*Free & Confidential Services
TEEN ZONE is a reproductive health clinic for males and females age 13-19. Our mission is to reduce teen pregnancy and STI through education and reproductive health care services. We provide free pregnancy testing, health education, STI/HIV testing, STI treatment, contraceptives, and case management.

Just Walk-in – No Appointments

WHO: Male and Female teens, ages 13 through 19 that live in St. Lucie County

WHEN: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month

WHAT TIME: 2 pm to 6 pm

WHERE: St. Lucie County Health Department
5150 NW Milner Drive (off Midway)
Port St. Lucie, FL


Health Education
People talk about sex a lot; they hear things on TV or from their friends. The problem is that much of what you hear is just not true. Learn the facts!

TEEN ZONE provides education and reproductive health services for teens. We are part of a community-wide effort to reduce teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Parents, schools, health care providers, churches, youth programs, and teens all have a stake in reducing teen pregnancy and STI rates. A good first step is to open up communication about relationships, boundaries, and expectations.

• Not everyone is having sex, no matter what they say.
• STIs are passed from an infected person to their partner during sex.
• HIV usually has no symptoms and you can’t tell if someone has it.
• Pregnancy can occur your first time, underwater, or standing up.
• Mountain Dew does not lower sperm counts.
• ….seriously, we get all kinds of questions – don’t be afraid to ask!

• Pregnancy
• Chlamydia
• Gonorrhea
• Syphilis
• STI treatment

• Pills
• Depo Provera
• Condoms

• Male and female teens at risk for pregnancy and/or HIV/STI.
• Confidential one-on-one visits.
• Ages 13-17.
• Education and referrals.

TEEN ZONE for Parents:
Sex is a difficult thing to talk about with your teen, but they need to hear from you. Teens that can talk openly with their parents and other trusted adults are less likely to make bad choices, engage in risky behaviors, and get into trouble. Teenagers hear about sex from TV, movies, internet, and friends every day. Unfortunately, a lot of what they hear is negative, inaccurate, and incomplete. Parents need to make sure teens have the facts.
If you need STD/HIV testing, but are over the age limit for TEEN ZONE please call the Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County at (772) 462-3806