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Healthy Families Florida

Healthy Families Florida is a nationally accredited home visiting program for expectant parents and parents of newborns experiencing stressful life situations. The program improves childhood outcomes and increases family self-sufficiency by empowering parents through education and community support. Parents voluntarily participate in Healthy Families so they can learn how to recognize and respond to their babies’ changing developmental needs, use positive discipline techniques, cope with the day-to-day stress of parenting in healthy ways, and set and achieve short- and long-term goals.

Healthy Families Florida is a community based, voluntary home visitation program that is proven to prevent child abuse and neglect and other poor childhood outcomes by promoting positive parent-child relationships and child health and development. Families are also linked to a medical provider and other family support services they need during their participation in Healthy Families Florida.

Healthy Families Florida is based on a set of research-based critical program elements and standards of the Healthy Families America model. Healthy Families Florida offers services prenatally or at the birth of a baby to families who are voluntarily assessed as needing Healthy Families services. Services can last for up to five years depending on the needs of the family.

Give Healthy Families Florida an hour of your time and let Healthy Families Florida
give you important skills on becoming the best parent you can be.

Healthy Families Florida is Here to Help You Because…

• You are the most important person in your baby’s life, and their first, most important teacher.
• Parenting is a demanding job and you will have new stress, concerns, and questions about parenting.
• The most important learning in your baby’s life takes place from birth to five years.

What are the goals of Healthy Families Florida?

• Prevent the incidence of child abuse and neglect.
• Enhance parents’ ability to create stable and nurturing home environments.
• Increase parents’ ability to develop positive parent-child relationships.
• Promote child health and development.
• Promote family self-sufficiency.
• Ensure that the families’ social and medical needs are met.
• Ensure families are satisfied with services.
Healthy Families Florida, in partnership with the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida and the Department of Children and Families, contracts with 32 community-based lead agencies to provide services to families living in target areas in 61 Florida counties.

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